Their Ribeye Pepper Steak is so yummy !!!! - Richard Numez

     Papaya salad! It's really good and juicy here - Linda N.

     Best new Thai restaurants in Sugarland, Texas - CitySearch 2007

    Great Lunch Spot !  Love their Pad Thai - TJ and BJ         Flour Daniel

    Hidden Gem. Good food, good service - Houston Wine  Tasters Uncorked!  

    OMG!!!!! Their Crying Tiger is so aaaaaaawesome - Bob  Chan
    When you walk into Sabai Thai Cafe, the welcome is more - Kalyani Giri     
    than just a word. It is rather like visiting the home of a friend.        
    Cheerful, family-friendly, and comfortable

    Best Tom Yum and Tom Kha Soups! - Paul K  Minute Maid     

    Some of the best Thai restaurant outside of Thailand! - Nicole B  

    Whenever I'm craving some Thai food in SL, Sabai Thai's   -  Megha K. Sugarland
    atmosphere and food always hits the spot. It's a pretty
    versatile place - come here for a casual date, family dinner,  
    small group, etc. Their Basil Calamari is a must-try!   



    Mon~Thurs    11am~3pm  5pm~9pm
    Fri                  11am~3pm  5pm~10pm
    Sat                 11am~10pm
    Sun                11am~8:30pm

    Tel: 281-325-1007

    2705 Town Center Blvd
    TX 77479